Orders & Shipping

1. Is delivery free in Malaysia?
Yes, shipping charge is free in West Malaysia.
2. Can I choose a specific delivery date and time?
The delivery is made by a third-party transporter through an arm’s length agreement. The delivery time frame is subject to availability and scheduling by local transporters based on their delivery route. The logistic partner shall give you a phone call before delivery.
3. How long does the delivery take?
You will receive your delivery within 1 week.


1. Do you have a showroom where I can try the mattress?
No, You don’t have to step out of your house. By ordering online, we are glad to offer you a 90-day risk free trial for you to have your in-home sleep trial. We believe that trying out a mattress for 5-10 minutes in a showroom is not enough to tell if a mattress suits you or not. If you don't love it, you can return it for a full refund within trial period.
2. Does the mattress gets hot?
No, MATTPro Mattress is engineered to keep you cool and comfortable. We use cool gel memory foam. In fact, our Hamotex material features open-cell structure that increases ventilation for a cooler sleep.
3. Do I need to flip the bed?
MATTPro is designed to be non-flip. If you sleep alone on one side of the bed or have a significant weight differential with your sleep partner, then we do recommend rotating the bed 180-degree every 3 months or when you change the bed sheet time.
4. Is the MATTPro Mattresses and Pillow anti-dust mite?
Yes, all of our products are anti-dust mite. However, we will suggest you to always keep your place clean for a better and healthier night sleep.
5. Is the mattress environmentally friendly or does it contains any harmful chemical?
The MATTPro has been rigorously tested and free from all the nasty chemicals which can be found in other mattresses. There are no heavy metals (such as lead or mercury), it is made without phthalates and without the use of ozone-depleters.
6. How can I clean the mattress?
We recommend spot cleaning using a slightly-damp cleaning cloth and air-dry it naturally or using a blow dryer on low heat setting.
7. Will my sheets fit onto the MATTPro?
As long as your sheets are compatible with the height of the MATT Pro mattress, they will absolutely fit!
8. Once I take my mattress out of the box, how long does it take to expand?
Once you take your mattress out of the box, it will expand and be ready to sleep on within 30 minutes. For the mattress to fully inflate, it will usually take up to 24 hours. We want to see you capture the magic! Document the process in an unboxing video and tag us on @mattprobedding

Trial & Returns

1. What is MATTPro return policy?

West Malaysia
Within 90 days of purchase if for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your MATTPro Products, let us know and we'll arrange for your Products to be picked up, you get a full refund. The return pick up is free in West Malaysia. For East Malaysia, we'll get you to ship the product back to our nearest return warehouse.

If you have any questions or concerns on our home trial policy, or would like to initiate a return request, please email us at [email protected] or Whatsapp us at 012-8719866.

Please do keep the inner plastic packaging, you will need it in case of a return to make sure the returned mattress is not damaged during transit.

2. How does 90 days Risk-Free Trial work?

Our mission is to help all Malaysians to have better sleep and we understand it takes time to feel the difference of MATTPro can make. With our risk-free trial and return policy, you can test out a brand new MATTPro mattress in the comfort of your own home, pressure-free.

We know that you probably have been sleeping on another mattress every night for the past few years and your body will need some time to adjust to a new mattress. From the day the mattress arrives at your doorstep, you can have the luxury time of up to 90 days to sleep on the MATTPro mattress.

Within the trial period, if you absolutely don't love the MATTPro mattress, you can ship it back for us . In West Malaysia, we will even arrange your return pick up !

3. What is an adjustment period? Why do I need it?
We recommend spending at least 30-60 days with the MATTPro mattress because you probably have been sleeping on another mattress every night for the past few years and your body will need time to adjust to your new mattress. That's why we offer an extended trial of 90 days for you to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home.
4. Do I need to keep any of the packaging or boxes?
No, you don't need to keep it. We use compress machines to roll up the mattress and pack it into the box, so they won't go back into their original package. Please do keep the inner plastic packaging, you will need it in case of a return to make sure the returned mattress is not damaged during transit.
5. How do I return the mattress?
You can initiate the return with our customer service team at [email protected]. Please provide us with your full name, order number and product.


1. Does MATTPro mattress comes with warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 10 years limited warranty. Please check our Mattress Warranty here.

2. What does the 2-year limited pillow warranty cover?

The limited pillow Warranty applies to defects due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this Warranty. The Defects include:
- Severe softening or deterioration of the pillow core, not associated with the MATTPro Pillow Warranty exclusions stated below
- Any other physical flaw or manufacturing defect in the material or workmanship of the product, when used normally for its intended purpose

3. How do I make a warranty claim?

If you believe your product is defective, please approach our customer service team via [email protected]